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Thin wall extruded PTFE (Polytetrafluroethylene) insulation for weight and space savings. These wires are ideal for general appliance wiring and other applications where chemical exposure, temperature extremes, and dielectric stresses are possible.
Unit of Measure


Conductor Diameter

N/A 0.113 in2.87 mm


N/A Extruded PTFE, 0.013 in (0.33 mm) wall thickness


N/A 39.3 lb/1000 ft.58.5 kg/1000 m.

Insulation Diameter

N/A 0.146 in3.71 mm

Voltage Rating

N/A 300 V (UL allows 600 V for electronic use only)


N/A Silver-Plated Copper


N/A 37/0.0167

Temperature Rating

N/A UL 1164: 150 ºC UL 1180, CSA: 200 ºC


N/A Black Blue Brown Green Grey Orange Red Violet White Yellow

AWG Size

N/A 10

Max. Resistance @ 20ºC

N/A 1.19 ohms/1000 ft.3.90 ohms/km.