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Convoluted boot, low profile, with adapter lip.
This style is used with a circular grooved adapter to provide strain relief and, if adhesive is used, environmental sealing. The convoluted design provides the flexibility to accommodate different cable outlet angles.

  • All dimensions are in inches. All angles are in degrees.
  • Dimensions in table: X = Expanded (minimum), R = Recovered (maximum)
  • Larger expansions available on request for -6 material.
Unit of Measure


H Dia. (Min X)

N/A 2.12

H Dia. (Max R)

N/A 1.10

J Dia. (Min X)

N/A 1.80

J Dia. (Max R)

N/A 0.88

P ±10% R

N/A 6.75

R Max R

N/A 1.69

JO ±10% R

N/A 1.12

W ±0.030 R

N/A 0.060

B Nom R

N/A 3.26

T ±0.03 R

N/A 0.08

S ±0.03 R

N/A 0.07
N/A Modified Elastomer Blend
  • 1 A wide range of specially formulated materials are available for many applications and performance requirements. Custom shapes and materials are available to suit special specifications.