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WT200 and the entire fluoropolymer tubing line are used where very high levels of strength, reliability, durability, and easy handling are required. They share all of the well-known characteristics of fluoropolymer such as low coefficient of friction, high heat resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical inertness, stability, and many other desired features.

WT200 tubing is ideal for automotive, chemical, electrical, and mechanical applications. They are also highly acceptable for use as laboratory ware or in conjunction with medical instruments, equipment and appliances. In addition to their strength, they are non-toxic, non-allergenic, easily sterilized, and offers low water absorption.

The range of dimensions & tolerance shown on the opposite page are representative of but a few of the constructions available. Whitmor/Wirenetics can provide many other sizes to meet your special requirements, including cut pieces to almost any specified length.
Unit of Measure


AWG Size

N/A 24

Min. Inside Diameter

N/A 0.020

Nom. Inside Diameter

N/A 0.023

Max. Inside Diameter

N/A 0.027

Nom. Heavy Wall

N/A 0.016

Heavy Wall (tol.±)

N/A 0.003

Nom. Standard Wall

N/A 0.012

Standard Wall (tol.±)

N/A 0.002

Nom. Thin Wall

N/A 0.010

Thin Wall (tol.±)

N/A 0.003

Nom. Lightweight Wall

N/A 0.006

Lightweight Wall (tol.±)

N/A 0.002

Wall Thickness

N/A ASTM D 3295, CL-E


N/A Natural

Material Options

N/A Extruded PTFE