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Unit of Measure



N/A -55 to 200 ºC


N/A 100 ohms

Impedance Tolerance

N/A +5 ohms-10 ohms

Time Delay

N/A 1.24 nsec/ft

Nom. Velocity of Propagation

N/A 80 %

Nom. Attenuation @ 100 MHz per 100 ft.

N/A 9.50 dB

Nom. Attenuation @ 200 MHz per 100 ft.

N/A 13.4 dB

Nom. Attenuation @ 1 GHz per 100 ft.

N/A 31.00 dB


N/A Shall Pass FAA FAR 25.853/869

Maximum Time Delay

N/A 1.24 nsec/ft

Root Mean Square (RMS) Dielectric Strength

N/A 1200 V

Nom. Weight per 1000 ft.

N/A 12.00 lb

Construction Details


N/A 26 AWG 65/44 Rope Lay of Silver Plated Copper

Nom. Conductor Diameter

N/A 0.019 in


N/A Extruded PTFE Over Expanded PTFE Colors - White and Blue

Nom. Insulation Diameter

N/A 0.054 in

Cable Type

N/A Planetary Twist Per M17 for Balanced Line

Outer Shield

N/A 40 AWG Silver Plated Copper Braid Having 90% Minimum Optimum Coverage

Outer Jacket Material

N/A HSTF Tape Wrap 0.002 Inch Wall - Color Natural

Nom. Outer Jacket Diameter

N/A 0.100 in



N/A To be supplied on bulk reels, random factory lengths