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Whitmor/Wirenetics, a leading-edge manufacturer that is recognized for its superior quality, is specifically known for its custom wire and cable manufacturing. We have the skilled and experienced engineering staff required to design and build the most complex wire and cable products as well as the requisite manufacturing and testing equipment onsite.

We’ve earned our sterling reputation for our new product development as well as our ability to partner with both suppliers and original equipment manufacturers. Our wires and cables can be up to 100’ in length and from 46 gauge to 4” in diameter. They’re available in either standard voltage (1 mV to 600V) or high-voltage (up to 40,000 KV).

Our temperature and chemical resistant products are rated from -100 to 1000 °F. They’re also lightweight, durable with low out-gassing. To deliver these important characteristics, we utilize processes such as extrusion, striping, planetary cabling and braiding as well as braid, spiral/serve and foil shielding.

In addition to complying with many international standards, we also stand behind our deep commitment to quality. We’re an ISO 9001:2008 certified, and provide multi-station checkpoints and a fully equipped, QPL-qualified lab to test for impedance, capacitance, resistance, attenuation and more.

To give our customers the timely delivery and consistent quality they require, we offer value-added services such as etching, marking and kitting.

For additional information on our custom wire and cable manufacturing services see the table below or contact us directly.
Unit of Measure

Manufacturing Capabilities


N/A Distribution Engineering & Design Manufacturing New Product Development Partnering Between Suppliers and OEM

Product Name

N/A Cable Tubing Wire


N/A Durability Harsh Chemical Resistance Lighter Weight Low Outgassing Temperature Capabilities

Special Components

N/A Color Coding Complex Composites


N/A Braiding Extrusion Planetary Cabling Respool & Spark Test Striping Taping & Foil Shielding


N/A Braid Foil Spiral / Serve

Shielding Materials

N/A Aluminum Conductive Nylon Conductive Plastics Conductive Textiles Copper

Wire Materials

N/A Fluropolymers


N/A 46 gauge to 4 in


N/A Up to 100 ft

Temperature Rating

N/A -100 to 1000 ºF

Voltage Requirements

N/A 1 mV to 600 V (Standard) Up to 40,000 KV (High Voltage)

Value Added Services

N/A Cut & Stripe Etching Kitting Marking Striping Twist


N/A Multi-Station Check Points


N/A Attenuation Capacitance Crosstalk Impedance Resistance


N/A Fully Equipped Lab QPL Qualified

Inventory Monitoring Programs


Production Volume

N/A Large Volume Prototype Small Developmental Runs

Lead Time

N/A Premium Fast Service Quick Turnaround

Industry Focus

N/A Aerospace Broadcast Commercial Defense Industrial Medical

Industry Standards

N/A AS9100-C BVQI ISO 9001:2008 MIL-DTL-27072 MIL-DTL-55021 MIL-I-45208 NEMA-WC-27500 SAE


N/A LEAN Manufacturing


Bow Twister

Bow Twister 1


Braider 1

Braider 2

Braider 3

Braider 4

Braider 5

Braider 6


Extruder 1

Extruder 2

Extruder 3

Extruder 4

Magnet Wire Rewind Line

Magnet Wire Rewind Line 1

Magnet Wire Rewind Line 2

Planetary Cabler

Planetary Cabler 1

Planetary Cabler 2

Planetary Cabler 3

Planetary Cabler 4

Planetary Cabler 5

Taping Machine

Taping Machine 1

Taping Machine 2

Taping Machine 3

Taping Machine 4

Wire and Cable Rewind Line

Wire and Cable Rewind Line 1

Wire and Cable Rewind Line 2

Wire and Cable Rewind Line 3

Wire and Cable Rewind Line 4

Wire Striper

Wire Striper 1

Wire Striper 2

Wire Striper 3

Wire Striper 4

Wire Striper 5