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Mobile Solutions cable is low-loss, high-performance alternative to MIL-C-17 coaxial cables. The extruded, expanded PTFE dielectric (solid PTFE for MS-100) gives Mobile Solutions cables enhanced power-handling capability, low loss, and consistent performance throughout its temperature range. MS-195 cable can be used with connectors designed for RG-142 cable; MS-400 cable can be used with connectors designed for RG-213 cable.
Unit of Measure


Temperature Rating

N/A 105 ºC


N/A 50 ± 2 Ω


N/A Extruded expanded PTFE

Dielectric Diameter

N/A 0.116 in2.95 mm

Inner Shield

N/A Aluminum/Mylar/aluminum tape, 100% coverage

Outer Shield

N/A Tin Plated Copper braid, 90% minimum coverage.


N/A Extruded PVC (black)

Jacket Diameter

N/A 0.195 in4.95 mm

Center Conductor

N/A Solid SPC (Silver-plated copper)

Inner Conductor Diameter

N/A 0.044 in1.12 mm

Inner Shield Diameter

N/A 0.121 in3.07 mm

Outer Shield Diameter

N/A 0.144 in3.66 mm

Min. Bend Radius

N/A 1.00 in25.40 mm


N/A 25.0 pF/ft

Velocity of Propagation

N/A 83.0 %


N/A 27.2 lb/1000 ft.40.50 kg/1000 m.

Attenuation @ 1.5 GHz per 100 ft.

N/A 12.9 dB

Attenuation @ 2 GHz per 100 ft.

N/A 15.0 dB

Attenuation @ 450 MHz per 100 ft.

N/A 7.0 dB

Attenuation @ 900 MHz per 100 ft.

N/A 9.90 dB

Average Power @ 20°C, 900 MHz

N/A 180 W

Average Power @ 80°C, 900 MHz

N/A 130 W


N/A BC or SPC outer shield braid wires; plenum-rated jacket.