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SPN combines the magnet wire insulation characteristics of Single Poly with the advantages of a nylon topcoat. With the nylon, SPN is still readily solderable, yet the solvent resistance and thermal stability of the insulation is excellent. In addition, the nylon provides improvement in the windability and tolerates more severe winding operations. SPN is an excellent choice for automatic winding machines.

Typical Applications

SPN has excellent solderability and the 130/155°C thermal class. It has wide use in coils and small motors. It is not recommended where severe overloads are experienced.
  • Appliance motors
  • Relays
  • Timer and clock coils
  • Encapsulated coils
  • Guitar Pickups
Unit of Measure



N/A Polyurethane Nylon


N/A Normal Magnet Wire

AWG Size

N/A 41

Min. Bare Wire Diameter

N/A 0.0027 in0.069 mm

Nom. Bare Wire Diameter

N/A 0.0028 in0.071 mm

Max. Bare Wire Diameter

N/A 0.0029 in0.074 mm

Min. Increase in Diameter Due to Film Coating

N/A 0.0002 in0.005 mm

Min. Overall Diameter of Film-Coated Wire

N/A 0.0029 in0.074 mm

Max. Overall Diameter of Film-Coated Wire

N/A 0.0033 in0.084 mm