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MIL-W-16878/5 (type EE) wires have extruded PTFE insulation (heavy wall thickness) for high- temperature applications. PTFE insulation offers high reliability with excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance.
Unit of Measure


Voltage Rating

N/A 1000 V


N/A Extruded PTFE, wall thickness 0.015 inch (0.38 mm)


N/A Silver-Plated Copper

Conductor Size

N/A 18 AWG

Conductor Diameter

N/A 0.047 in1.190 mm


N/A 19/30

Min. Insulation Diameter

N/A 0.074 in1.88 mm

Max. Resistance per 1000 ft. @ 20°C

N/A 5.79 ohms

Max. Resistance per Km @20°C

N/A 19 ohms


N/A Nickel-plated copper conductor; silver or nickel-plated high-strength copper alloy conductor; sodium napthalene etched insulation for bondability. Also available to NEMA HP-3-EEX.

Temperature Rating

N/A -55 to 200 ºC


N/A 8.67 lb/1000 ft.12.9 kg/1000 m.