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Super Lightweight Cables XLETFE 150°C/450 V

Conductors: Conductor shall be built per Whitmor/Wirenetics drawing SLT-1.

Cabling: The required number of conductors, determined by cable designation, will be cabled with a left-hand lay. The lay length of the individual conductors shall be not less than 8 nore more than 16 times the outside major axis diameter of the unshielded, unjacketed cable.

Shield: When a shielded construction is called for in the cable designation, either a closely woven round strand braid or a flat strand braid will be used over the conductors.

Jacket: When a jacketed construction is called for in the cable designation, the wall thickness will be a nominal of .004" - .008" of either EFFE or irradiation crosslinked ETFE.
Unit of Measure


Max. Diameter

N/A 0.173 in

Max. Weight

N/A 25.64 lb/1000 ft.

Percentage of Shield Coverage

N/A 85 %

Color Code

N/A (-) White Base with Stripes


  • 1st: White
  • 2nd: White/Blue
  • 3rd: White/Orange
  • 4th: White/Green
  • 5th: White/Red
  • 6th: White/Black
  • 7th: White/Yellow
  • 8th: White/Violet
  • Conductor Type

    N/A Silver Plated Copper

    # of Conductors

    N/A 2

    Shield Type

    N/A Silver Plated Copper, Round

    Jacket Type

    N/A Extruded XLETFE (White)