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Connector Cover For Min-D Series with Top Entry. This style provides strain relief and mechanical protection.

Dimensions apply to all materials unless otherwise indicated and are in inches.
Unit of Measure



N/A With Lips

Expanded (Min) H

N/A 1.11

Expanded (Min) J

N/A 0.42

Expanded (Min) K

N/A 0.40

Recovered (Max) H

N/A 1.11

Recovered (Max) J

N/A 0.42

Recovered (Max) K

N/A 0.21
N/A Semi-Rigid Flame Retarded Cross-Linked Modified Polyolefin

Adhesive Options

N/A None General Hot Melt +80ºC

Recovered Dimensions Fully Shrunk

P ±10%

N/A 1.53

R ±10%

N/A 0.87

W ±10%

N/A 0.04

Connector Size No. of Ways

N/A 15



N/A Heat shrinkable molded shapes combine the advantages of quick, easy installation, with high electrical strength, mechanical toughness and superior chemical & environmental resistance. These products offer important functional and cost saving benefits for electrical and electronic applications ranging from insulation & protection of individual components to fabrication of complete inter-connecting cable harness assemblies.

The use of our heat shrink molded shapes in conjunction with our specialized heat shrink tubing products make it easy to fabricate completely sealed wire/cable harnessing & inter-connection systems of the highest quality. Heat shrink shapes are available with a wide range of high performance adhesives/encapsulates to ensure the proper amount of strain relief, mechanical support and environmental protection.

Technical Capabilities

N/A Besides our abilities to make custom parts and compounds, we have a full service support team that can assist you from concept to design and production. Allow use to use our considerable knowledge to make your requirements possible.


N/A Our vast inventory includes three stocking locations of standard products. Off the shelf products include many different compound types and pre-installed adhesives. Because of our supplier partnering relationships, we are able to carry and manage any special inventory items you may need.

  • 1 A wide range of specially formulated materials are available for many applications and performance requirements. Custom shapes and materials are available to suit special specifications.