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These wires have two layers of FEP/polyimide tape insulation with a polyimide hard coat (10 AWG and smaller) or Polyamide braid (8 AWG and larger) for increased cut-through and abrasion resistance.
Unit of Measure


Voltage Rating

N/A 600 V


N/A First layer: Polyimide/FEP tape; Second layer: FEP/polyimide/FEP tape; Third (outer) layer: modified aromatic polyimide coating (10 AWG and smaller); Aromatic polyamide braid with clear finisher (8 AWG and larger).


N/A Nickel-Plated Copper

Conductor Size

N/A 20 AWG

Min. Conductor Dia.

N/A 0.037 in0.94 mm

Max. Conductor Dia.

N/A 0.039 in0.99 mm


N/A 19/32

Min. Insulation Diameter

N/A 0.053 in1.35 mm

Max. Insulation Diameter

N/A 0.058 in1.47 mm

Max. Resistance per 1000 ft. @ 20°C

N/A 9.77 ohms

Max. Resistance per Km @20°C

N/A 32.05 ohms

Temperature Rating

N/A -55 to 200 ºC


N/A 4.80 lb/1000 ft.7.10 kg/1000 m.