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  • AA-59551 Bus Wire
  • Space Braid, Light Weight

    Made in compliance with MIL-SPEC QQ-B-575 (as revised). Braid is formed so as to maintain coverages of 90% shielding, (70% for 0.78 and smaller), over the nominal diameters specified.

    Tinned Copper Plated: The tinned copper used in the braid conforms to ASTM B33 standard.

    Silver Plated: Individual wires are silver plated copper wires, conforming to ASTM B298 standard, with 40 micro inches minimum of silver plating. Excellent for use at temperatures exceeding 200°C or where special resistance to corrosion is required.

  • High Voltage Corona Resistant Wire

    • Single Conductor, Stranded Silver Plated Copper, Corona Resistant PTFE Insulation
    • Temperature Variations from -90°C to +200°C have no life effect on the corona resistant
    • Available Colors: White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Lt. Blue, Brown, Gray, Violet, Orange

  • MIL-C-17 Coaxial and Twinaxial Cable

    Mil-C-17 cables are constructed with either solid or stranded silver plated conductors insulated with an extruded PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) dielectric. The outstanding electrical and mechanical properties of PTFE over a broad range of temperatures and frequencies make these coaxial cables the standard for a wide range of military and commercial applications.

  • Space LT Super Lightweight Cables
  • Space Lace Low Offgassing Lacing Tape
  • MIL-W-5086 MIL/Aero Wire
  • Aerospace Wire and Cable
  • Aerospace Wire and Cable
  • MIL-W-16878 (Type E, EE and ET) MIL/Aero Cable
  • Flexi-Lene 300 Flexible Wire
  • MIL-W-25038 MIL/Aero Wire
  • MIL-W-81044 MIL/Aero Wire
  • MIL-W-81381 MIL/Aero Wire
  • MIL-W-81822 (SAE-AS-81822) MIL/Aero Wire
  • MIL-SPEC M49055/12 Ribbon Cable

    0.050", 28AWG, 115 ohm, Extruded FEP

    Thickness (A): 0.029" ± 0.003"
    Conductor Spacing (B): 0.050" ± 0.002"

  • ASNE-spec-47

    ASNE wire and cable is suitable for use in military and commercial applications that are exposed to a wide range of challenging physical conditions. Although it is primarily used in the European aerospace industry, these components have become increasingly prevalent in the transit, petrochemical, and marine industries as well.

    In addition to offering high-performance and reliability in both high and low-temperature environments, ASNE wire offers excellent resistance to fire, as well as oils and solvents. ASNE specifications also allow for a variety of construction types: single core, twisted pairs, and shielded/screened and jacketed. This makes it a logical option for applications in virtually any kind of environment.

  • ASNE-spec-47

    European Standards (ENs) are governed by three European Standardization Organizations: CEN, CENELEC or ETSI. These standards are recognized as a collaborative effort in technical standardization per the EU Regulation 1025/2012.

    We offer a variety of hook-up wire meeting the EN standards available in single and multi-core designs. Different polyimide tape/PTFE insulation and jacketing styles provide excellent resistance to aircraft fluids and chemicals. The outer jackets are UV laser markable, and they also have low smoke outgassing and toxicity. We carry both EN2267 and EN2714.