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SB coaxial cables have been designed for low attenuation at high frequencies, while using similar dimensions to MIL-C-17 constructions. Standard connectors may frequently be used, thereby avoiding tooling charges.

Solid PTFE dielectrics are manufactured with tight tolerances to ensure impedance uniformity and to effect VSWR levels that meet or exceed MIL-C-17 specifications for cables of comparable size. The strip braid configuration is by far the most effective means of lowering attenuation levels of coaxial cable at high frequencies while providing shielding effectiveness levels that exceed those of flexible MIL-C-17 cables. Flat strips of silver plated copper are braided over the dielectric core, frequently with an intermediate metallized mylar or kapton layer, and an outer round wire braid. This shielding technique provides superior shielding effectiveness and lower transfer impedance than any standard double braided mil-spec construction.

FEP jackets are typically used, but alternate designs are available such as flame retardant PVC and abrasion resistant overall braids. Marker tapes or surface printing are used for positive identification.
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Item #

Center Conductor

Dielectric Diameter

Diameter Over Inner Braid

Diameter Over Outer Braid

Overall Diameter


SB316 N/A 0.020 inch (7/0.0067 inch) N/A 0.060 in N/A 0.067 in N/A 0.088 in N/A 0.098 in N/A 12.0 lb/1000 ft.
SB142 N/A 0.037 inch Solid N/A 0.118 in N/A 0.128 in N/A 0.152 in N/A 0.195 in N/A 40.00 lb/1000 ft.
SB400 N/A 0.0385 inch (19/0.008 inch) N/A 0.116 in N/A 0.126 in N/A 0.152 in N/A 0.195 in N/A 47.0 lb/1000 ft.
SB304 N/A 0.059 inch Solid N/A 0.185 in N/A 0.195 in N/A 0.221 in N/A 0.280 in N/A 77.0 lb/1000 ft.
SB393 N/A 0.094 inch (7/0.031 inch) N/A 0.285 in N/A 0.295 in N/A 0.325 in N/A 0.390 in N/A 155.0 lb/1000 ft.
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