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Silver Coated High Strength Copper Alloy Conductor

200°C 600 Volts
Single Insulation of Cross-linked Ethylene-Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE)

Note: SAE-AS22759 was formally Mil-W or Mil-DTL-M22759. Although the beginning nomenclature has been changed to identify the new governing body, the products themselves remain mostly unchanged.
Unit of Measure


Military Part #

N/A M22759/33-24

Wire AWG/Strand

N/A 24 19/36
Resistance at 20°C1 N/A 28.4 ohms

Nom. Diameter

N/A 0.037 in0.940 mm

Max. Weight

N/A 2.00 lb/1000 ft.2.98 kg/km

Color Options

One Color (Base)

N/A Black Blue Brown Gray Green Orange Red Violet White Yellow

White Base with One Stripe

N/A Black Blue Brown Gray Green Orange Red Violet Yellow

White Base with Two Stripes (1/2)

N/A Black/Blue Black/Brown Black/Gray Black/Green Black/Orange Black/Red Black/Violet Black/Yellow Blue/Gray Blue/Violet Brown/Blue Brown/Gray Brown/Green Brown/Orange Brown/Red Brown/Violet Brown/Yellow Green/Blue Green/Gray Green/Violet Orange/Blue Orange/Gray Orange/Green Orange/Violet Orange/Yellow Red/Blue Red/Gray Red/Green Red/Orange Red/Violet Red/Yellow Violet/Gray Yellow/Blue Yellow/Gray Yellow/Green Yellow/Violet

White Base with Three Stripes (1/2/3)

N/A Black/Blue/Gray Black/Blue/Violet Black/Brown/Blue Black/Brown/Gray Black/Brown/Green Black/Brown/Orange Black/Brown/Red Black/Brown/Violet Black/Brown/Yellow Black/Green/Blue Black/Green/Gray Black/Green/Violet Black/Orange/Blue Black/Orange/Gray Black/Orange/Green Black/Orange/Violet Black/Orange/Yellow Black/Red/Blue Black/Red/Gray Black/Red/Green Black/Red/Orange Black/Red/Violet Black/Red/Yellow Black/Violet/Gray Black/Yellow/Blue Black/Yellow/Gray Black/Yellow/Green Black/Yellow/Violet Brown/Blue/Gray Brown/Blue/Violet Brown/Green/Blue Brown/Green/Gray Brown/Green/Violet Brown/Orange/Blue Brown/Orange/Gray Brown/Orange/Green Brown/Orange/Violet Brown/Orange/Yellow Brown/Violet/Gray Brown/Yellow/Blue Brown/Yellow/Gray Brown/Yellow/Green Brown/Yellow/Violet Green/Blue/Gray Green/Blue/Violet Green/Violet/Gray Orange/Blue/Gray Orange/Blue/Violet Orange/Green/Blue Orange/Green/Gray Orange/Green/Violet Orange/Violet/Gray Orange/Yellow/Blue Orange/Yellow/Gray Orange/Yellow/Green Orange/Yellow/Violet Red/Blue/Gray Red/Blue/Violet Red/Green/Blue Red/Green/Gray Red/Green/Violet Red/Orange/Blue Red/Orange/Gray Red/Orange/Green Red/Orange/Violet Red/Orange/Yellow Red/Violet/Gray Red/Yellow/Blue Red/Yellow/Gray Red/Yellow/Green Red/Yellow/Violet Yellow/Blue/Gray Yellow/Blue/Violet Yellow/Green/Blue Yellow/Green/Gray Yellow/Green/Violet Yellow/Violet/Gray
  • 1 1000' Max